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Conflict Studies Research Centre, Brook Farm, Lower Benefield, Northamptonshire PE8 5AE, UK

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Dubai skyline. CSRC's focus includes the challenges of the Gulf and Maghreb regions. A Democratic Republic of Afghanistan army soldier. Many of today's problems in Afghanistan have relevant precedents during the Soviet occupation. Ground crew prepare a  Russian combat aircraft. CSRC's roots lie in examining the Soviet military threat, and they provide world-class expertise on Russia today.

Conflict Studies Research Centre is a research, analysis and consultancy group with strong expertise in Eurasian area studies and defence studies, cyber security, energy security and terrorist finance. CSRC's members are drawn from among staff of the UK Ministry of Defence's former open source research groups, the Advanced Research and Assessment Group (ARAG) and Research and Assessment Branch (R&AB). The strength of CSRC lies in its proven capability for deep analysis of open source intelligence (OSINT) sources. CSRC is able to provide cogent and timely analysis of geopolitical issues highlighting their significance in order to inform decision-makers.