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Current Work

CSRC team members are at any one time engaged on a wide range of projects, whether working independently, on site with customers, or as part of a project team. This page will give a flavour of work currently in hand, with links to downloadable product where this is already in the public domain.

Andreas Turunen

Andreas recently contributed to the Springer publication Cyber security: Power and Technology a chapter on the compability between Fifth-Generation Warfare (5GW) theory and the existence of the alternative media ecosystems that spread conspiratorial thinking and disinformation on social media platforms. His current research project concerns the theoretical framework of the concept of hybrid warfare and more specifically the definition of the full-spectrum conflict.

Besides academic publications, Andreas is regularly consulting for a range of research and publishing projects related to his area of expertise. He also writes on online publishing platforms about the topics of his personal interest. The development of the site constitutes a considerable part of his activities.

Shima Keene

Dr Keene is a subject matter expert in security and justice, focusing on security challenges that destabilise fragile and conflict affected states. Her research has examined a number of interrelated security challenges such as serious organised crime, international terrorism and corruption, as well as the effectiveness of interventions to tackle these issues. In addition to her publications, Shima provides training and table top exercises to facilitate deep cross sector subject matter understanding and learning. She also advises on how security challenges can be mitigated through interventions to establish effective rule of law intuitions and practices.


Mathieu Boulegue

While continuing his research on the Russian defence and security sphere, Mathieu is currently running several projects looking at Russia's defence and security posture in the Arctic and its consequences for NATO and Allies.

Keir Giles

Keir is responsible for overall editorial control of all CSRC output. In addition, he continues research in his own areas of expertise. He is continuing long-term research tracing the development of Russia's military capabilities, and the prospects for use of military force as a foreign policy tool.

Meanwhile, Keir is pursuing his other key research strand, of cyber and information warfare capabilities and vulnerabilities with a particular focus on Russia.

Mohammed El-Katiri

Mohammed El-Katiri's research focuses on a variety of issues and themes related to the politics, security and economics of North Africa and the GCC regions.